Important Guide To Growtopia

Important Guide To Growtopia

If you are a new player to Growtopia, then you have come to the right place. As a new player, the first time you start playing the game, you may find it to be overwhelming, but with the right guidelines, you will be able to have an ease time progressing. Once you install the mobile game, you will need to create your own Growtopia character. So, what next?

What growtopia Do?

As a beginner, you will be required to enter a new world, which is done by typing your name in the world search box. In most cases, you will find yourself in an uninhabited world. From the moment you begin, start punching dirt and cave background. By doing so, you will learn cave background, dirt seeds, and a few gems. As you are playing, make sure to keep everything that you are getting and break the blocks until you accumulate 50 gems. Once you do so, you can click on the red gems to open the item shop. The 5o gems you have accumulated can be used to be a small lock. As a player, one can continue breaking more blocks to earn more gems, if you are looking to buy a big block:
* Small Lock – Locks growtopia cheats ten spaces.

* Big Lock – Locks fifty spaces.

* Huge Lock – Locks two hundred spaces.
* World Lock – Lock and the entire world, but cost 2000 gems to buy.
If you get a small lock or big lock, choose one that is unoccupied and place it above the white door. The white door is where visitors will be able to enter your world. Surround the place with dirt and click once on your fist. It will be converted to a wrench. Once the world is yours, you will need to have the right amount of dirt and cave background seeds. One can receive rocks and rock seeds by breaking the rocks. If you dig deep enough, you will find lava seeds, but be careful with the lava, if you touch them more than six times, you will die. You will need to accumulate a decent supply of four type of seeds; then you can start planting and splicing.